About Me

I, SHAILESH HEMDEV am a Software Developer who has functioned at various levels of software development from being an architect to an engineering manager. With 15 years of experience in software engineering I can say the following about myself

  • Deep passion for technology, software engineering and clean code
  • Strong focus in building software systems that have a scalable architecture and production grade code
  • Fascinated by distributed systems and cloud computing

My current technical focus areas include Distributed Computing, API development, REST & SOA, Spring Framework & projects, Java open source stacks, Java 8/9, ORM Frameworks (JPA, Hibernate and My Batis), Messaging (ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, AMNQ), Version Control Systems (SVN, Git, CVS), Build & CI Tools (Maven, Jenkins), Testing Frameworks (JUnit, TestNG, Mockito), Databases (Oracle, Maria DB/My SQL, NoSQL), AWS Stack, Centralized Logging (Log4J2 and ELK Stack)

In the past I have worked on Portal Technologies (Liferay & Web Sphere), Java EE (Web, Business Components, Web Services), XML Stack (XPath, XSLT, Schema Design, JAXB), Content Management Tools, Data Warehousing (Pentaho), Web Frameworks (Dojo, JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap),Application Servers (WebSphere, Tomcat, Weblogic)

I  have strong customer focus and believe that without them we would not have the opportunity to create and solve intriguing problems and cherish their feedback.  While I am passionate about programming and building solid systems, I also am acutely aware of time to market and real world business challenges and am able to prioritize to ship software product releases making cases for when to ship software and when to address technical debt so that the general availability code is always solid and can run in production.

I have always worked with teams for a major part of my career and have been privileged to work with amazing colleagues ranging from developers whom I led to management personnel to whom I was accountable to. In the role as a lead, I have strived to care for the people I am leading ensuring that they have a good work life balance and yet they are motivated to produce excellent results. Since I believe that great software is created by exceptional teams and not any specific individual. This has been my motivation to ensure that I apply my experience and knowledge to hire good talent using tools ranging from knowledge based screenings to coding evaluations whenever I have been in the position to influence the hiring process.

Finally to me character, honesty and great work ethic is critical to success and to lead by example. I personally strive to ensure that my own standards of excellence and moral integrity are never compromised in any given situation.

My endeavours in programming